My Mantra for a Happy & Carefree Evening

Mommy it’s getting late, shall we go out screamed my son. It’s still evening 4 PM only, but for him it’s late, as the daylight is dwindling faster in these winter months, he wants to make out the complete utilization of his play time in the park. Any moment delay would lead me to face another bigger tantrum. So I just rush myself outside the house with in a jiffy. We both spend time merrily in the park, till it gets pitch dark outside. He goes on running spree and I complete my daily walking. He climbs upon on the rope ladder, and I catch up on the local gossip with my friends’ circle.


In the frenzy to go out, I forgot to close all the windows. By the time, I enter the house, my sweet home has already been conquered by the mosquitoes. My Dad started saying that lot many mosquitoes are there today and his evening walk was greatly disturbed because of the bites. This is all happening despite the fact that he had already used a popular mosquito repellent cream.


Luckily, since the supermarket was pretty much next door, I immediately rushed there to get the new mosquito repellent product (Goodknight – Fabric roll on) I heard in the park that very same day. Since it was available on the shelf, I picked it up and asked my Dad to try it the next day. Being the elderly person, he was pretty careful trying new products. So he read and read the instructions and the composition of the product, and knowing that it is 100% natural and has to be used on clothes and not on skin he was extremely eager to try the four magical dots. Believe me, he could feel the difference next day as the buzzing sound of the mosquitoes has just vanished from his ear shot. Then we asked my son to try the same, this product is so convenient to use that even my toddler could apply it on himself with ease. The Goodknight fabric roll on was effective even on him.

Next comes the test on our pets, we applied the same on their collars and they were also happy and were able to snooze of peacefully in the balcony. Otherwise, most of the evenings, they wouldn’t be able to snooze off due to the trouble these mosquitoes cause them. So as promised the Goodknight has weaved their magic hand and all the mosquitoes have run away without causing much problem. The Roll On is available in two fragrances, namely citrus and bubblegum, and is available on Amazon, Firstcry, Bigbasket or at a store near you.


Now, my Dad and Son will never forget their roll-on packs and keep them handy all the time they step out of home, even at times during the day.​


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